Sustainable Energy Management

Sustainable Energy Management

Problem Production of electrical energy becomes more and more decentralized as part of energy transition. Existing energy infrastructure is not optimized to

deal with decentralized energy production peaks, and as a result, slows down energy transition.

Electricity consumption becomes more and more unsustainable. Existing electricity consumer awareness is very low, and as a result, unnecessarily increases energy use.

By using IoT and related analytics to measure, analyze, and match local consumption and production patterns in a smart energy grid, energy producers can balance energy peaks, as well as enable new forms of decentralized trading models for electrical energy. Energy consumers on the other hand increases usage awareness, which cuts down unnecessary energy use enabling cost savings.

We implemented a solution based on a set of smart e-monitors and Analytics to study decentralized production and consumption patterns in private households, commercial and industrial consumers. The solution allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption behavior while producers and distributors able to real time analyze supply and demand patterns.

Sustenance and optimization of energy consumption patterns as well as predictable peaks to enable local trading of energy in a smart grid.

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